About Us

About FIOR Bioscience

FIOR Bioscience’s founding philosophy is to bring innovation, experience, and integrity to regenerative medicine. We use the latest biomedical science and research to manufacture safe and effective postnatal stem cell biological medicine. We practice strict documentation, stringent testing processes, and complete chain of custody for all postnatal tissues used in our products. FIOR Bioscience has been in business for 15 years with 40+ years of combined experience working with postnatal stem cells and tissue. We are proud to be the leader in developing the most comprehensive viable stem cell products for homologous use available to physicians today.

FIOR is on a mission

As the industry leader, FIOR Bioscience focuses on excellence by bringing science and innovation to regenerative medicine. We believe in developing supportive relationships that trust in our accountability to safety, quality and each other while continuing to make a difference in the world.

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Our reputation for excellence is built upon the principles of fair dealing and ethical conduct which requires careful observance and a scrupulous regard for the highest standards of personal integrity.

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We believe in continually delivering a safe and effective outcome to all those who rely on honesty, education, research and development.

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We believe in the value of science; to create, develop and offer solutions that make the world a better place to live.

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Great teams are built upon the foundations of mutual trust, fearless communication, and individual responsibility.

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We believe in always being present; in developing supportive relationships built on trust with our ability to listen, support, and give back.

Meet Our Executive Team

Eliott Spencer, PhD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Spencer received a doctorate degree in biochemistry and a bachelor’s degree…
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in molecular biology from Brigham Young University. He completed two post-doctoral fellowships from the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics (University of Utah) as well as the Dan Simmons lab (Brigham Young University.) Dr. Spencer has over 16 years of extensive experience working with, researching, and manufacturing formulas derived from postnatal tissues. Dr. Spencer has written many white papers emphasizing the benefits and challenges of biological processes. He has researched and developed industry leading novel and patented stem cell isolation methods. When Eliott is not in the lab, he enjoys writing, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, and spending quality time with his wife and kids.

Carlee Spencer

Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Carlee received a degree in design from Weber State University. She has spent many…
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years working in the biologics space, including helping with the research, and manufacturing of products derived from postnatal tissues. Her ability to meet the needs of the company president, with dedication in safety and consistency is a vital asset. Carlee is a forward-thinking executive who finds resolute solutions to very complex processes and obstacles. Her unique perspective and fresh ideas ensure 100 percent chain of custody from donors to licensed physicians. Carlee is dedicated to ensuring FIOR Bioscience delivers the highest-quality homologous postnatal regenerative products in the world. She enjoys spending her free time vacationing, volunteering, singing, designing and fixing up her home, and spending quality time with her husband and kids.

Clint Okerlund

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Clint received an undergraduate degree in business management from Brigham…
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Young University and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. He spent 14 years managing teams of client-facing commercial bankers and advised corporate CEOs and CFOs on sophisticated financial instruments, risk management, value creation, and corporate strategy. Clint is the chairman and co-founder of a nonprofit organization that assists Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Utah by providing startup microcredit financing and pro-bono startup business consulting. Clint spends his free time volunteering and outdoors with his wife and kids.

Krystal Huntsman, RAC

Regulatory, Quality & Compliance Officer

Krystal received a degree in business administration and has her certificate of…
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Regulatory Affairs Credential. Krystal provides oversight for all U.S. and international regulatory matters, including filing and interactions with regulatory authorities and external in-house audits. She is a highly qualified executive with extensive experience advising on laboratory operating procedures and business practices in compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Her ability to provide cross-functional team collaboration and policy and procedure implementation sets her apart from others in the industry. When you don’t find Krystal in the office, you will find her in the pits wrenching away on her cars and cheering friends and family on to the finish line.

Weston Spencer, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Spencer received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University…
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He worked as a full-time laboratory researcher, studying differential gene expression in prostate cancer while preparing for medical school. During his time as a researcher, he published novel techniques in quantifying differential gene expression. Dr. Spencer attended medical school at Pennsylvania State University (MD) and completed his residency at Stanford Medical Center and Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. Dr. Spencer is currently a practicing pediatrician. When he’s not seeing patients or at the lab, Weston enjoys the outdoors, trail running, mountain biking, skiing, backpacking and spending quality time with his wife and kids.

Scott LaPray

Director of Sales

Scott received a degree in business management from the University of… Read More

Phoenix. He has spent over twenty years as a top-performing medical sales representative, specializing in respiratory and orthopedic specialties; winning the National Sales Award in business-to-business sales, the District Representative of the Year Award and was recognized for turning around underperforming territories. Scott is known for his integrity, initiative, and tenacity and for developing strong relationships built on value and trust. Some of his most prominent qualities include problem solving, strategic planning, product launch, customer acquisition, leadership, and teamwork and collaboration. Scott enjoys traveling with his wife, playing golf, and spending time with his kids and grandkids.

Vision Statement

“Excellence in innovation, caring enough to always do our best.”